Fun "Pull the Pin" Puzzle Games You Should Play!

Pull the Pin style games are becoming more and more common nowadays and we’ve picked out some of the best games of this kind for you to check out. Fun "Pull the Pin" Puzzle Games You Should Play! large

Although they weren’t particularly mainstream a while ago, Pull the Pin style games are becoming increasingly popular by the day and they definitely deserve this surge in playerbase as they’re quite fun and are based on a creative gameplay concept that revolves around effective situation analysis and puzzle solving. These games offer simple yet addicting gameplay and manage to impress in a variety of ways so you can’t really go wrong with them.

The following are among the more high-end Pull the Pin style games that we definitely recommend for players:

1: Pull Pin

Pull Pin is a fun, simple and addicting game based on the tried and true fundamentals that these games are known for. The game will take you across a variety of different levels in which you’ll have to complete the assigned objective by pulling the right pins and, overall, the experience is absolutely delightful and won’t let you down.

Play now: https://www.braingames.guru/play/pull_pin

2: Pull the Pin

Pull the Pin is yet another high-end game in which you’ll need to pull pins to complete levels but, at the same time, you’ll also need to be careful that you don’t end up letting bombs into the container as this will end up losing you a life and requiring you to start over from the beginning of a level. The game is intense, engaging and definitely doesn’t cease to impress.

Play here: https://www.braingames.guru/play/pull_the_pin

3: Pull Rocket

Pull Rocket is certainly among the more unique games in this list, at least thematically, as the pins you usually pull will be replaced by rockets. Nonetheless, though, the core gameplay remains the same as it always is in these Pull the Pin style games and is thoroughly enjoyable from the first level to the last.

Play now: https://www.braingames.guru/play/pull_rocket

4: Pull the Pins

Pull the Pins is a great game that takes the tried and true fundamentals of these exciting games and pairs it with some vibrant and lively visuals to make for an experience that does not leave a thing to be desired. This is without one of the most well-rounded games available in this particular category which is why we absolutely recommend checking it out when you have a chance to do so.

Play here: https://www.braingames.guru/play/pull_the_pins

5: Pull Pins

Pull Pins is a game that doesn’t attempt to do anything out of the ordinary but still manages to impress as it executes the core Pull the Pin style gameplay with absolute perfection and pairs it with sleek visuals that definitely do not cease to impress. This might not be the most innovative game on this list but it definitely manages to provide a high-end experience that should be worth your while.

Play now: https://www.braingames.guru/play/pull_pins

All said and done, Pull the Pin style games are definitely getting more popular with each passing day so, if you want to get on the hype train, we definitely recommend starting with one of the aforementioned games.