Play Unique Tetris Games to Train Your Brain

Tetris games are great for those who want to train their brains due to the quick thinking and reflexes that these require and, in this article, we’ve picked out five high-end Tetris games that are perfect for this task. Play Unique Tetris Games to Train Your Brain large

One of the best things about most Tetris-inspired games is the fact that they help train the brain quite a bit. The rigorous act of constantly adjusting the falling tiles into the perfect orientation in order to make a line-up at the bottom in a timely manner is one that’ll not only test your skills but will sharpen your ability to quickly gauge and respond to situations. Alongside this, it also goes without saying that most Tetris games are insanely fun to play so, overall, the combination of an enjoyable experience as well as a workout for the brain is perfect and we cannot recommend it enough.

The following are some unique and creative Tetris games that’ll not only keep you engaged but will also help to train your brain.

1: Block Champ

Block Champ is an intriguing Tetris variant that does an excellent job of spicing things up with a few creative new gameplay mechanics. Alongside the tried and true core gameplay that Tetris has always been renowned for, the game features special blocks that can immediately clear lines and skillful use of these can allow you to get some insanely high scores. We definitely recommend checking this game out because of how it elevates the core gameplay.

2: Jewel Blocks

If you want a Tetris game that stays true to the fundamentals but has some truly stellar visual flair, Jewel Blocks is the way to go. The game features incredibly smooth and engaging Tetris gameplay that’s been paired with some extremely high-end visuals to make for an experience that’s immersive, engaging, and more than capable of having anyone hooked for hours upon hours.

3: Tetro Classic

Tetro Classic, as the name suggests, is for the players who want the trademark Tetris experience without any unnecessary bells and whistles. The game lives up to every single expectation that one might have from a high-end Tetris experience so, needless to say, it’s certainly worth checking out.

4: BreakTris

BreakTris is quite the unique experience as it combines the elements of Tetris with those of Breakout which, for those unfamiliar, is a brick breaking game. This might seem like a peculiar combination at first but it actually leads to an engaging and exhilarating experience that’s fresh, immersive and highly innovative.

5: Tetris Fun

Tetris Fun is a game that amps up the difficulty a bit by providing players with a level-based experience. Each level has an objective that you’ll have to complete by clearing up lines of blocks and this makes for gameplay that’s faster-paced than usual but also just as enjoyable. The game also features a neat space-based setting so, overall, it’s quite fun to play.

All said and done, the aforementioned Tetris games are those that we highly recommend players to get into as they’re not only fun to play but also help to train the brain in various ways.