What are the Common Types of Puzzle Games?

Millions of people around the world enjoy various different kinds of puzzle games on a daily basis and, in this article, we’ll be diving into the various different types of these puzzle games and what each type brings to the table. What are the Common Types of Puzzle Games? large

There’s no doubting that puzzle games simply have a certain charm to them that makes players constantly want to come back for more. The gameplay isn’t particularly action-packed but it still keeps players constantly captivated throughout their experience No matter what type of puzzle game you’re playing, once you’re hooked, you’ll probably stay like that until you’ve figured out the solution to whichever puzzle has you so immersed.

With that being said, though, let’s get into the categories themselves:


Physics-based puzzle games are those in which, as the name implies, you’ll have to solve problems by relying on real-world physics. These games include puzzles which usually consist of doing tasks like moving objects from one place to another primarily through the principles of physics and various other similar things. These games are really exciting and they test a person’s ability to solve problems that are presented to them through the use of realistic principles and, overall, they’re an absolute treat to play and quite satisfying to progress through.


Logical puzzle games are those that usually have a casual/hyper-casual design and are mainly based on one gameplay mechanic/logic that players need to utilize in order to solve the various puzzles in their path. These games are really easy to get into so they’re perfect for those who want a puzzle experience that isn’t particularly complex and doesn’t take a long time to master.

Hidden Objects

Hidden Object Puzzle games are without a doubt some of the most popular puzzle games available nowadays. There are hundreds upon hundreds of these exceptional games available to play and, as the name implies, the gameplay revolves around finding objects that are cleverly hidden in plain sight with only a list as your guide. These games also tend to incorporate various other types of puzzle elements into the mix in order to make for a more thrilling experience.

Spot the Difference

These are fairly simple yet easy puzzle games in which you’ll be presented two, or more, similar-looking images or objects and must figure out what the subtle differences are between them. These games are simple, straightforward, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Tile Matching

Tile matching puzzle games are yet another incredibly popular type and these games are actually available in a variety of forms. Everything ranging from Tetris to Mahjong tends to fall into this category and, overall, these games are incredibly fun to play and they also test a player’s skill quite a bit so you will definitely need to bring your best if you ever play these.

Overall, the aforementioned types of puzzle games are those that are without a doubt among the most common and, needless to say, we recommend checking them out if you ever can as they’re incredibly fun to play.